Label' Emotion... is more than a wedding planner, it's the right decision !

We have all thought about trying to organise our best friend's wedding, or any other life event. We could easily think it's simple to run a wedding, so in this case why would we use a wedding planner to do it for us ? We could all pretend that we are wedding planners ourselves.

These statements may prove to be true if the way of getting married & celebrating an event would have not radically changed, going now beyond the traditions.

A significant amount of research is needed to imagine, create and harmonize an event. A detailed knowledge of the market is essential to deal with face to face negotiations, added to the constant research of new trends which is paramount.

To combine all work techniques, organisation and logistic developments, is exactly where Label' Emotion becomes an added value to the success of your event or wedding.


Wedding Planner, Wedding & Event planner : the different sides of Label' Emotion.

Founded in 2008, it became one of the leading agencies in full Event planning, styling & on the D-day management of events and weddings in Provence.

Nourished from different professional experiences, Label' Emotion's team of Wedding planners, offers you a wide range of services to answer all of your wishes and needs: venue sourcing & styling, wedding packages or event planning.

Our motivation is simple: to make you happy, to surprise you and make you smile, but most of all to allow you to enjoy the planning and your D-day, having a successful wedding and thus leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Our Wedding Planners, inspired by new trends, and organisational experts, will perfectly combine together the finest ingredients to create a memorable event.